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Focused on your grief 

My practise is solely focused on grief which includes both death and non-death losses. Many other counselors offer a wide range of services that may include dealing with depression, anxiety, services are centered entirely on helping you with your grief and losses. While I cannot fix your grief, I will bear witness to your pain in a non-judgemental, secure and safe environment. Much of my work in grief counselling involves educating, validating, empathizing, normalizing, offering resources, guiding, while providing unconditional support in your pain.  Together we will integrate your loss into your life and make meaning again. 

In person

Tools & Resources

I will provide tools and resources that will help you in your grief journey such as reading material, local in-person and virtual support groups, links to helpful videos, writing assignments, and web resources...

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBR)
Prolonged Grief Therapy

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Letters from my clients

Dear Karen,
"I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate everything you have done for me. I called quite a few places before finding you and none of them offered evenings or weekend appointments. I work and I only can attend after hour appointments; this really made a difference at least for me when choosing someone to help me with the loss of my mother. But, as well,  you were amazingly empathetic and knowledgeable - I wouldn't have made it without you. Thank you so much Karen."

C.R.    Hamilton, ON

"My world changed when Chris, my partner of 31 years, died and then the following week my Mother died. Karen was there for me, a complete stranger, helping me through the most traumatic events in my life. She listened with empathy and coached me to deal with my grief. She never judged, she was a safe, understanding and a caring person who helped me deal with my new circumstances and explained to me what I was going through. I will be forever grateful to Karen for her counsel." 

M.S.    Oakville, ON

Dear Karen
"I kne​w I had met a remarkable counselor, and later, when I understood something of the depth of your knowledge of grief and loss from your thanatology studies, I was even more amazed. I have had occasion in my life to consult counselors of different backgrounds, from medical doctors to a psychiatrist, but I have never met anyone as accurately empathetic, trust inspiring, caring, and skilled as you. 
P.S.  I appreciate you seeing me during the holidays, which for me is always so difficult. Thank you"

P.M.    Burlington, ON

Dear Karen,
"Please know my life has been deeply affected by your expertise, compassion and generosity. Not only have you helped me through the journey of loss, but you have given me the gift of life with meaning."

D.S.    Oakville, ON 

"After suddenly losing my 19 year old daughter, my grief was overwhelming and confusing. Karen helped me navigate through my grief with so much expertise and compassion. Thank you so much, Karen for helping me find my way when I was so lost in my grief."

A.F.    Brampton, ON  

Every loss is unique

In grief, there are common overarching themes for all losses. However each loss has its own inherent uniqueness that needs to be addressed. 

There are many types of losses such as: the death of a parent, death of spouse, death of a child, suicide, loss of a pet....

Types of Losses

When you need me...

Many organizations that offer free grief support will only offer a limited number of appointments and are limited to business hours only. During grief, there are times when you may need more support; I will do my best to accommodate you when you need me most. I can offer you unlimited appointments during business hours, evenings and weekends and holidays, if necessary.

A secure relationship

Grievers need to develop a consistent and secure relationship with their grief counselor. Many organizations will switch counselors according to availability and grievers end up having to retell their painful stories numerous times while trying to re-establish a secure bond.


Life experience

Many organizations have students and volunteers providing grief counselling with very little counselling and life experience. I am a graduate of Western University's Thanatology -  Grief and Bereavement program with over 6 years of grief counselling and 7 years of end of life care experience.


Like many other grief counselors who chose grief counseling as a career, I too have faced my own grief experiences throughout my life.
These experiences are what directed me to the field initially, but they are also what has helped me to develop my empathy for others who are facing their own grief.

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