Grief & Loss Education

The more we understand ourselves and the complexities of grief, the better we can adapt to a world that is full of losses. 
As a Thanatologist and grief counselor, Karen works to educate others about grief. Covid19 has brought grief to the forefront and we can feel the grief all around us. Grieving is hard work and requires active engagement in order to understand it. As a Death Doula, Sandra works to help people and their families navigate through the most challenging times.
Together, Karen and Sandra run workshops that focus on understanding grief and death. The workshops include video presentations, group discussions and by providing informative resources.
Topics for the workshops range from 'Symptoms of Grief', 'How to communicate with Grievers', 'Estate planning - What the Lawyers don't tell you', 'Different styles of Grieving', 'Mindfulness and Grieving'... 
As well, we encourage participants to bring their own topics so we as a group can discuss and support each other. 
We have found that this demographic have experienced many death and non-death losses in their lives yet they are not very well supported. Groups that we have worked with find the workshops and discussions extremely helpful and healing. 
We run workshops and support groups for retirement homes, community centres and private organizations. These can be booked and scheduled bimonthly or monthly, virtually and/or in-person depending on location.
For more information on our workshops,  please contact us to schedule a free consultation. 

If your retirement home is interested in a Grief workshop,  please contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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After Cloud
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After Cloud can help you to securely store those important daily thoughts and precious memories. This easy to use app provides you with the ability to leave a lasting digital memory legacy, preserve family history, relay important information to family and friends or create your daily journal, in a user friendly, modern, mobile app.  

Karen Omand, BASoc, BAThan
Thanatologist / Grief Counselor/Educator

Sandra Brunner
Death Doula/Educator